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Moving toward your best self through reflection and skills integration

Ways To Work With Me

Online Education

Telehealth Sessions

Most of my sessions are done remotely through video call. I find telehealth work to be effective, confidential and comfortable for most clients.

My work in this setting focuses on issues from adjustment to depression, anxiety/panic to communication, trauma to impulse-control, and social connections to self-care. 


Outdoor Sessions

I offer a limited number of outdoor sessions for clients that are looking to combine talk therapy with outdoor time.

Outdoor sessions present unique opportunities for benefits, but the session structure is non-traditional. If this would be a fit for you, inquire about current outdoor session openings.


Thrive Wellness Workshop

Thrive Wellness Workshop offers therapeutic hiking & camping adventures for kids and adults focused on personal wellness, connection and enjoyment of nature.

Tessa is the director and a therapeutic facilitator for events at Thrive Wellness Workshop. Events are offered throughout the year, check out if they would be a fit for you!

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